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Privacy Policy

We feel that it is important to stress that we don't collect information about your browsing habits or search terms. At least not to an extent that the information can be sold, for example.

Some scenarios where we may log your IP address include if there is a DDoS attack occurring, and we wish to block some requests. We don't usually keep any server logs unless necessary. We do use Google Analytics however, but this does not give us access to your personal information. Our popular search term cloud is generated without any of your personal information being collected. Items that may be logged in this process include your IP address, the page you requested, the page you were referred from, your user agent (which identifies your browser) as well as any times relevant to these requests. We do log certain information to display some fancy stats. These include a country code with relevant data. We don't store your IP address. 

We also allow people to use social sharing features where people can share a search result to their Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus page. You should be wary of using these techniques as we have no control of third party websites. If in doubt, we suggest you do not utilize these features.

When you click a video link, the website which you are being transferred to may also store information about you. We suggest that you refer to the relevant privacy policy for the owner of the content you wish to view if you have any concerns. 

If we do have information recorded, the only time it will ever be disclosed is due to a court order. If you have a concern about your privacy, please contact us at contact.xyu.fun@gmail.com.
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